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Road America Oct'03
3SNG'03 Videos
Waterford Hills '03
Road America
3SNG'02 Videos
Gingerman '02
All Videos on a CD
Need Help Viewing?


If you have problems viewing the videos...

bulletPlay from the hard drive
Right-click on the video link, save the file on your hard drive and try playing it from there.

bulletUse Windows Media Player
The videos are best played in their native player, the Windows Media Player.

bulletDo not use Netscape
Some website visitors reported that their Netscape Navigator corrupted the video files while downloading them and made them unviewable.

bulletUpgrade Widows Media Player
Windows Media Player version 6.4 or later is recommended.

bulletUpgrade Internet Explorer
WMV is a Microsoft Windows Media Video file format. If you upgrade your IE, you will also get the latest Microsoft video drivers. Internet Explores 5.5 or later is recommended.

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