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Race Engineering, Trackside Car Setup

bulletVehicle Dynamics consulting
bulletSprings, anti-roll bars and damper tuning and recommendations
bulletJounce bumpers, dual-rate springs, 3rd spring and damper tuning
bulletCamber, caster, toe settings and dynamic optimization
bulletTire pressure selection
bulletAero and ride height optimization
bulletSetting up for balance, maximum downforce, fastest lap times, overtaking
bulletApplication of "magic numbers" for quick and efficient setup changes
bulletGear ratios, final drive ratio, shift point optimization
bulletCar setup to match particular tracks and important corners
bulletFuel and tire strategy development
bulletEngine health monitoring via telemetry
bulletMechanical and electrical system setup and troubleshooting

Data Acquisition

bulletSelection of data acquisition system and sensors
bulletInstallation if data acquisition and sensors
bulletSetup and programming (MoTeC, others)
bulletInterpretation of numeric data for drivers and crew
bulletEvaluation of the car handling properties and potential
bulletTire utilization evaluation
bulletUndersteer/oversteer quantification and management
bulletDownforce measurement
bulletRide height, roll and pitch measurement
bulletReal-world damper force measurement
bulletIdentification of driving style
bulletSetting up the car for the driver

Data-Based Driver Coaching

bulletApplication of objective track data to improve car/driver performance
bulletHelping the driver to use the car's full potential
bulletDriving line optimization
bulletDriving style optimization for best lap times or longest tire life
bulletStraight-line braking and trail braking techniques

Design, Engineering, Manufacturing

bulletDesign or chassis, suspension, brakes, aero devices
bulletMechanical component design and development using CAD and FEA
bullet3D modeling of car and suspension
bulletSuspension design for a specific tire
bulletMachining, fabrication, welding, composite material technologies
bulletUltimate strength, stiffness, reliability and race track verification

Testing, Tuning, Development

bulletComputer racecar simulation, lap simulation
bulletReal-world tire data gathering and tire model generation
bulletPlanning for efficient use of track testing time
bulletSelection of tires based on visual, pyrometer and track data
bulletBrake system optimization
bulletFull car modeling and simulation to identify opportunities for improvement

All road racing series are supported. Most of these services can be offered at the race track or remotely. References are provided upon request. Please call (248)342-3231 or email to inquire about these services.

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